RSO Procedure for extreme rocket projects


To assist flyers and RSOs alike, Aero-Pac implemented a policy for RSO approval of complex High Power Rocket projects with more then 5,120 Newton Seconds of installed thrust. 

If you are planning on flying a staged or clustered rocket with total installed power in the M or above range, please take note of this new procedure. 

We sincerely hope that this process will make flying of large and complex projects both easier and safer.

Background: Many extreme rocket projects are difficult, impractical, or unsafe to carry to the RSO table for final approval to fly. 

Projects such as multi-stage rockets that can not be assembled completely without placing igniters into motors, present a safety issue if carried through the crowd to the RSO table. 


Large rockets that simply are too big to carry also present a problem with the conventional RSO process and sometimes, with a fairly new Level 2 flyer volunteering to do RSO duty, it is easily possible to face a situation where the RSO is simply not experienced enough to properly address the large complex Level 3 project.

Procedure: We will be providing RSO services IN YOUR CAMP for these types of projects. 

The Launch Director, Assistant Launch Director, and Prefect will keep track of the TAP members, and other highly qualified rocketeers who are present and willing to provide this service.  The names of the RSO/TAP members will be announced at the flyers meetings. 

Rocketeers who need this level of service, and RSOs who do not feel qualified to approve a given rocket, are asked to please call on these members to perform the RSO check outs. 

The rocketeer should fill out a flight card as usual, and then when the rocket is prepped for flight, call for the RSO.  

If you cannot easily locate one of these members, ask the Launch Director or Assistant Launch Director for assistance.

Once inspected and signed off, you will only need to deliver the flight card to the LCO for pad assignment.  Once you have a pad assigned and the LCO gives you the go ahead, you will be allowed to drive your rocket directly to the pad.

Contact an AeroPac RSO :  To avoid any unpleasant last minute surprises and to help speed the RSO process on site, please submit as much information about these complex projects as you can in advance of the launch.  By doing this, we can distribute the information to the TAP (or other) members who will be performing RSO duties behind the lines at the launch. 

It will make it easier for the RSO because they will be able to get familiar with your project prior to launch day, AND it will take less of their time away from flying.