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Welcome! The ARLISS program celebrates its 10th season for 2015!

Ten years of never losing a student payload due to launch or airframe failure. More than 250 flights! Not bad, eh?

What is ARLISS?

The ARLISS Project is a collaborative effort between students and faculty at Stanford University Space Systems Development Program and other educational institutions, and high power rocketry enthusiasts in Northern California, to build, launch, test and recover prototype satellites, miniaturized to fit inside a soft drink can (hence "CanSats") in preparation for an Earth orbit or Mars orbit space launch.

ARLISS and the CanSat project challenge innovative students to get hands-on experience in the life-cycle (one year or less) of a space project. Each CanSat team will design and build one or more satellites, and travel to the launch site in Black Rock, Nevada to supervise preparation, launch, telemetry download and safe recovery of their experiments and data.

The ARLISS rocketry group provides launch vehicles, each capable of lofting and safely deploying three CanSats under parachute at an altitude of 12,000' AGL, affording each CanSat a "hang time" in the air of about 15 minutes for experiments, simulating a horizon-to-horizon low orbit pass.

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Announcements & Updates:

ARLISS 2016 Dates Announced!

September 12 - 15, 2016 (8 am to 6 pm)

Banquet is September 16, time TBD

AeroPac's Virtual Classroom Is Back!

The Virtual Classroom will be active and present for the 2014 ARLISS/XPRS Launch. It will go live beginning at 0900 PDT Monday morning (9/12) until Thursday (9/15). Some of the items offered are:

  1. General WiFi Internet access from the ARLISS/XPRS Black Rock launch site.
  2. Video streaming of launches, launch prep and interviews with ARLISS teams along with a live Twitter feed (@aeropac) and audio feed. The link to these is found on the AeroPac home page OR here.
  3. Selected real-time telemetry of some flights also found on the AeroPac home page.

Please come join us for all the excitement!

ARLISS Satellites in the News:


Project to Venus

New ARLISS swag available!

Check it out and support the cause.

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The ARLISS email discussion list is a Google Group. If you already have a Google account you can sign up for the flyers list by going to http://groups.google.com/group/arliss-flyers

If you don't want to join Google Groups and want to be invited to join the email discussion list, send an email to Subscribe@ARLISS.org

If you want to unsubscribe from the list send an email to unSubscribe@ARLISS.org

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